2010. Paracetamol & misting water device.
The volumes of the Pharmakon series are compressions of paracetamol powder. They are activated during the varnishing by misting or drip devices concealed in space. They become effervescent and disappear over the exposure, causing sagging in their erasure.
"The drip which gradually corrodes the pyramid paracetamol makes coexist the attractions and disenchantments yet opposite of effervescence and erasure." Didier Arnaudet, 2010.
"According to this creative strategy, the contemporary work of art is referred to its vulnerability, always suspected of being a mere commodity, a sleight of hand or an anachronism. of the object which assimilates the materiality of the work to a pharmakon, thus wavering the identity of the art object between poison and remedy ". Julien Perez, 2011




LA PYRAMIDE, 2010, paracétamol et dispositif goutte à goutte, miroir, socle, 50 x 50 x 126 cm





LA MONTAGNE SAINTE-VICTOIRE, 2010, 40 kg de paracétamol, dispositif brumisateur, arbre plastique. Exposition Ghost Track, CAC Royan





FROM THE YANG TO THE YIN, 2010, prctm, brumisateur, MDF, verre, 120x30x15 cm. Exposition Auto-nomie, Le Printemps de Septembre (PDF / Voltex)