2018, view of APOPHENIA group-show @ Gr_und, Berlin
Co-curated by Karin Schlageter, Anna Siebold & Théo Pozoga.

St. John giving Alms 2018 Restoration Reload
The Annunciation 2018 Restoration Reload
Dibond, plexiglass, PC power supply, PC fans, PC tuning neon LED lights, phospho acrylic, scratches, powder, dust
+ Oil paintings on canvas (2008), 111 x 73 cm

(The paintings are reproductions of enlarged photomicrographs (x175). Used in art works restoration, they come from the fragments in section of Titian's paintings as St. John giving Alms or The Annunciation. They reveal the stratigraphic cross-sections and show the different layers of oil painting applied in glaze by Titian).